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About me

After a variety of jobs, including working for the Metropolitan Police Service at New Scotland Yard answering 999 calls, I began to learn British Sign Language, which changed my life. I’ve been working with Deaf people since 2008 and have been a freelance Sign Language Interpreter since 2012.

Having experienced highs and lows in life, I’ve lived with fatigue and the ongoing effects of burnout for many years. I tried CBT and talking therapies, which helped improve my quality of life. But when my illness began to affect my work, I sought advice from a respected colleague who suggested Professional Supervision. Initially thinking it wouldn’t be worth it, I very quickly discovered that the time and space set aside to feel safe enough to reflect on my practice and decision making is exactly what I needed, and it’s invaluable. I, therefore, wanted to give something back and help others benefit as much as I have.

In 2022, I successfully completed the Diploma in Supervision with 360 Supervision and now offer individual supervision sessions face to face in central London or online to interpreters, professionals working with Deaf people, and allied professionals including front line practitioners working in health, social care, medical, psychological well-being services, and other organisations.

Why Supervision?
Work can be difficult and so full on, especially if you’re a freelancer juggling a work-life balance or part of a team yet mostly lone working. Life can be hectic, moving from one job to the next with ‘adulting’ and family all in the mix. You might feel like you don’t have time in your busy lifestyle to talk about how busy you are yet you’re no longer enjoying your work, or you are a fully qualified practitioner but keep wondering if you did the right thing going freelance. Maybe you’re completely exhausted and feel like that job could have been better but don’t know how, and you know deep down that something simply has to change… You may even have victories along the way; those small wins that occur, which you want to celebrate and regain confidence, but they quickly disappear and are forgotten about because everyone is so busy… If any of these describe you, try Professional Supervision.

The first session is free for you to explore what supervision is and how having protected time to safely reflect on your practice could work for you as an individual. It’s not indulgent, it’s not a waste of time, it’s CPD, it’s an investment. But more importantly, it’s a way of looking after you so you can carry on being you for yourself and other people.


About my profession

  • Diploma in Supervision for Sign Language Interpreters and Allied Professionals (360 Supervision)
  • NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting
  • PG Cert British Sign Language (University of Leeds)
  • Level 3 in Counselling Skills (CPTA)
Professional body membership
  • NRCPD - Registered Sign Language Interpreter
  • ASLI - Full member
  • IOCN - Interpreters of Colour Network

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