About Labyrinth Supervision

Professional supervision is a process that enables and guides you towards competent and accountable practice. It is a route to resilience through ongoing professional development and support.

What brings you to Labyrinth today? 

Conceptual illustration about struggle and adversity

Do you find yourself:

  • Leaving a job and wondering about the different choices and decisions you could have made? 
  • Tending to take your emotional work baggage home with you, and then being short tempered or irritable behaviour with partners, friends and/or family?
  • Becoming emotionally numb and detached from your work and/or clients? 
  • Physically and mentally drained by the assignments you undertake? 
  • Yearning for a confidential and safe space to talk about your practice with an appropriately trained and qualified professional? 

Then you are in the right place to get support!

A Professional Supervisor will work with you to enable you to explore and uncover different dimensions of your professional practice. This can include (but is not limited to): reflecting on the decisions you make during your everyday working life; considering the emotional impact of the work you undertake; supporting you to manage difficult relationships with colleagues and/or clients; developing your confidence and self-awareness. A Professional Supervisor will also encourage you to recognise and celebrate all the positive moments and significant achievements in your practice.

a mixed doodle on the left gets unravelled into a smooth ball on the right

In some professions (such as therapy, social work, nursing etc) supervision is well-embedded as good practice, often mandatory, and has been proven invaluable. However, many other professionals do not have access to supervision, despite being exposed to work that provokes difficult feelings including isolation and loneliness. We believe you deserve the same level of support as other professionals, ensuring  longevity in your chosen career. As importantly, we want your practice to bring you a sense of satisfaction and reward. Labyrinth supervisors will provide you with a safe space where you can bring your full self, draw breath, and be seen.

Whilst the majority of Labyrinth supervisors come from the field of interpreting, translating and/or lipspeaking, they are trained and qualified to offer support to a wide range of professions. No matter what field you work in, choosing to engage in supervision is choosing to invest in your wellbeing.

Unsure about the difference between mentoring and Supervision?

Mentoring is usually a process that occurs over a fixed period and generally focuses on the more practical elements of an individual’s skill development. Mentors will often shadow and observe their mentee during the relationship and can offer feedback on both in-person and video-recorded observations.

Supervision is a process that the individual engages in on a long-term basis. It takes an in-depth look at interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, dilemmas and ethical challenges, and the emotional impact of your work. Supervision is often led by what you, the supervisee, brings to the session and will focus on what you consider to be important issues. As a result, each session may look or feel quite different, depending on your agenda and what you need from your supervisor.

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