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Training to become a professional supervisor 

If you are considering developing your career and becoming a Professional Supervisor there are several routes open to you, some of which are listed below. Follow each link for each for more information.

Training courses

360 Supervision

Iron Mill College

Centre for Supervision Training & Development

Joining Labyrinth Supervision

Currently working as a Professional Supervisor and interested in being listed on the Labyrinth website? You will need to meet our criteria for registration (listed below) and complete the online form. We will then contact you for further details and to arrange payment of the registration fee (¬£30 per year for 2024). If you are unsure about meeting the listed criteria please get in touch and we will discuss this with you.

To register for listing with Labyrinth Supervision you must:

  • Have at least 3 years post qualification experience in your professional field (e.g., interpreting, lipspeaking¬†etc.) prior to undertaking a qualification in supervision.
  • Hold a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Supervision or a Postgraduate Certificate in Supervision.
  • Be in receipt of supervision for your supervisory practice.
  • Have undertaken a qualification that includes a minimum number of hours of supervision as part of your course.
  • Have demonstrated your supervision skills as part of the course assessment procedure (e.g. live observation by your tutors).
  • Be covered by Public Indemnity Insurance.
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Agreement to undertake CPD

The information you have provided here will be treated as confidential by Labyrinth Management.

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