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About me

I am Essex born and bred, currently living in Chelmsford, and qualified as a professional supervisor in 2018 having passed a Diploma in Supervision that included 120 hours of classroom teaching and regular live observations and assessments of my supervisory skills. Regular sessions with my own professional supervisor have played a crucial part in supporting me to explore my practice, enhance my well-being and embed resilience, so I am keen to offer the benefits of supervision to others – from trainees to 30+ years qualified – and, through an ongoing relationship, support supervisees to appreciate the advantages of professional supervision in contrast to an informal chat with a colleague or unfacilitated peer group discussion.

I can provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space and regular, protected time for guided reflection using a combination of support and supportive challenge.

If you want to have a chat about supervision and what I can offer, I am happy to set up an initial online meeting of up to 30 minutes, so we can both make an assessment as to whether we might be a ‘good fit’ for each other as supervisee and supervisor.

If we did decide to work together, our first session would include an element of ‘contracting’ where we would both sign up to a supervision agreement that details what is expected of us in the context of the supervisory relationship.

Our sessions can be conducted either remotely, face-to-face or through a combination of both, depending on geography and mutual availability.

Whilst supervision is primarily a meeting of professionals for the purpose of reflecting on work-related issues, I encourage supervisees to bring their authentic selves to our sessions, so we can also explore the positives and the lighter side of working life where appropriate and of benefit to the supervisee.

As a sign language interpreter, I have worked both as part of in-house interpreting teams (charity sector, local authority) and as a freelance practitioner. Most of my interpreting work currently is in office support (Access to Work) and community settings (social care and medical).

I do not currently offer NRCPD supervision to regulated Trainees who are working towards RSLI/RSLT status.

About my profession

  • Diploma in Supervision for Sign Language Interpreters and Allied Professionals (360 Supervision)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting
Professional body membership
  • NRCPD - Registered Sign Language Interpreter
  • ASLI - Full member

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